Crushing 34
Lucilla quickly throws the laundry into the washing machine before leaving. She is already dressed in her vinyl dress and high heels to go to a fetish event. As she puts the laundry into the machine, a chocolate nicholas suddenly falls onto the floor between the laundry items. Lucilla is annoyed at who has put this Santa Claus in her underwear again. Carelessly she kicks to the side and stuffs the rest of the laundry into the washing machine. After she has everything inside and the machine starts. She sees the damn Nicholas again lying on the floor in front of her. With relish with the heart of a sadist, she first drills the heel of her plateau heels into the chocolate body. Then she climbs on with the full weight of her dominatrix shoe and really crushes the Santa Claus. Heartlessly she crushes his chocolate body into many small chocolate chunks with her black high heels. It is really fun to totally destroy this chocolate dwarf with her shoes!

Crushing 34

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