Crushing 64

The End of Papaya`s Life! Destroyed under Lola`s sexy Feet!

Nasty Teenie Lola destroy a papaya with her mega sexy feet. With full of pleasure she smash and crush the papaya longsome with her naked feet. She squish the fruit pieces with her toes. The degenerate teen foot-queen stomp then on the papaya and destroy the last pieces under her crushed feet.

Then she put the papaya soles into the cam and order you to lick it clean. She command you : you have to lick all from her feet. With total lascivious face she instruct you where on which positions you have to lick and clean her feet from the fruit.

At the end the total horny nasty brat girl lick the papaya from her own feet.

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Crushing 64

  • Product Code: Crushing 64
Format: HD
Length: 10:00 Minute
  • 19.90€

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