Crushing 88

The spoiled princess crushes the roses and chocolates of her slave admirer!

The suitor of Her Royal Majesty Princess Bridget would like to humbly declare his love for his adored, princess. On his knees he hands her a large, magnificent bouquet of roses. First, the haughty blonde princess is touched for a brief moment and shows the bouquet happily in the camera. However, before she completely freaks out the next moment out of some incomprehensible mood and contemptuously throws the rose road on the floor. Perhaps there was a note in the scent of roses that the exalted princess did not like. She gets up from her throne and jumps on the roses with her pink shoes. Destroys the plant work of the wonderful bouquet mercilessly under her heels. She quarrels with every single rose and yells at slaves in hysterical disgust. He apologizes 1000 times and, lying sycophantic on the floor, whines about his roses. Tearfully, he tries to calm the capricious, completely unpredictable princess by not stepping on the roses. But the haughty, sadistic, spoiled princess by the grace of God knows no mercy. Then the slave rose cavalier wails servilely that he sometimes met her exquisite taste with another gift. He hands the super arrogant blond princess a pack of the finest chocolates in the hope of being able to appease the wrath of the mighty mistress, so that he might still be able to hope for her favours. The spoiled princess capriciously tastes a few of the chocolates. And for a split moment, the slave thinks he's hoping for her affection. But then – a taste not to the godlike empress's whim and she throws the whole box of chocolates on the floor. She takes off her shoes and crushes the fine, very expensive confectionery with her bare feet. Crushes the finest nougat and marzipan into the ground. Again, of course, the slave whines about his chocolates and sees his last chance to get closer to her disappear. He begs her for mercy. Have mercy, gracious princess. But the bitchy, affected princess, cursing his misjudgments, jumps in on the confectionery.

Then he has to lick the chocolate dirt off the majestic feet of his princess.

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Crushing 88

  • Product Code: Crushing 88
Length: Minute
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